I like to make, break, and fix things to see how they work inside out.

I started in InfoSec with an software development background and leveraged it for vulnerability research, while expanding on infrastructure security. Previously, I was a Senior Security Consultant at Security Compass. It's amazing to have a career that revolves around my hobbies.

On the offensive side, I like to find high impact vulnerabilities, develop implants, and plan targeted operations. On the defensive side, I've implemented a enterprise-wide SDLC initiative and have taught defensive web security courses internationally.

Some of my free time is spent writing code, reversing, researching malware, or participating in CTFs. A subset of my past findings have CVE identifiers:

  • CVE-2016-5563: Unauthenticated and Privileged RCE in Oracle OPERA
  • CVE-2016-5564: Exposure of Oracle SQL Database Credentials in Oracle OPERA
  • CVE-2016-5565: Session Hijacking via Exposed Logs in Oracle OPERA
  • CVE-2017-3762: Insecure OS Credentials Storage in Lenovo Fingerprint Manager
  • CVE-2018-11228: Unauthenticated RCE via Bash Shell Service in Crestron TSW-XX60
  • CVE-2018-11229: Unauthenticated RCE via Command Injection in Crestron TSW-XX60

Outside of work-related interests, I try to stay updated on emerging technologies (e.g. space exploration and AI) to the extent I can practically understand them. I also like to consume anything that reminds me of The Twilight Zone, read science fiction, and spend time with friends and family.

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